• Best Energy Product

    3D Print Filament

    3D Print Filament

    Water-resistant and eco-friendly
    polypropylene (PP) material

  • PLA filament FilG
    with good adhesion
    and easy cooling

    Best Energy has created an improved product compared to PLA filament in the existing market based on its experience in R&D of polymer materials. Best Energy's PLA filament FilG has a higher viscosity than existing products, so it has the advantage of being easily seated on the bed (appropriate bed temperature 55~60℃). In addition, it melts well at a relatively low temperature of about 190℃, so it is easy to cool, so it is suitable for personal 3D printing work.

  • Because polypropylene material is strong against moisture, it is not necessary to maintain humidity during filament storage and thread use, and at the same time, it has the characteristic that harmful substances do not come out.
    Best Energy intends to present a new paradigm in the existing filament market by commercializing polypropylene filament.