• Best Energy Product

    CPP and Pouch Film

    CPP and Pouch Film

    Hygienic, heat-sealable material with
    excellent transparency and gloss

  • CPP Film Description

    CPP film refers to a non-stretched film that has not undergone a stretching operation, which is an operation that uniformly applies heat to the molecular chain direction of a polypropylene material in one direction. The CPP film manufactured in this way is hygienic, has heat sealing properties, and has excellent transparency and gloss, making it an important material that accounts for 40% of the price not only for food packaging but also for pouch films, which are exterior materials for secondary batteries.

    In the meantime, there was no CPP film suitable for medium and large-sized pouch-type secondary batteries in Korea, so all products made in Japan were used.

  • Graphene is a hexagonal carbon structure that is 200 times stronger than steel. Graphene, which has good ductility, heat dissipation and electrolyte resistance, and strong resistance to external shocks, is expected to solve the problem of internal heat dissipation of secondary batteries and extend battery life thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity.

    Best Energy will try to give a fresh shock to the existing pouch film market by diversifying its products by combining a film made of graphene material with our CPP film.