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    Lead Tab Film

    Lead Tab Film

    Material that prevents the risk of battery
    explosion and maintains battery stability

  • Lead Tab Film Description

    Secondary batteries (battery) used in electric vehicles are divided into three types: square, pouch, and cylindrical. Here, a pouch-type secondary battery consists of a positive electrode, a negative electrode, an electrolyte, and a pouch film and lead tab, which are packaging materials. The lead tab serves to connect the negative and positive plates of the secondary battery to the outside by electric power. It is the lead tab film that seals the lead tab and the pouch film, which is a packaging material.

    A cell generates heat and pressure inside while an electric current flows. This generates hydrofluoric acid (HF) gas, and there is a risk of battery explosion in case of damage to the packaging. The lead tab film is an essential material to prevent the risk of battery explosion and maintain battery stability.

  • Products applied with the existing laminating method

  • Best Energy (Co-Extru) products

Best Energy's lead tab film adopts the Co-Extru method that separates three layers from the extrusion stage, rather than the laminating method of laminating different materials. This film, which is divided into a skin layer and a core layer, is made of the same polypropylene material. Unlike the laminating method in which polypropylene is laminated with other plastic materials such as PET, the Co-Extru method is more suitable for packaging and sealing secondary batteries because there is no separation between different types by electrolyte.